Boot Camp - 6-22-09

Great workout today...

We started with group stretches and then a warm up. Then we went to the roof and started running around the track.

We were running individually at a quick pace. The Marines would blow a whistle once and we would stop and do ten (double count) push ups. Then we would start running again. They would blow it twice and we would do bend and trusts. Then we would start running again. When they blew the whistle three times we had to do mountain climbers. And then we would start all over again. I was able to run one and a half miles (about 8:45 pace).

After the run we lined up in sprint lines and started to do sprints. I was feeling like racing so I was running all out. Nice to do short sprints every once in a while.

After the sprints we finished with an abs workout. I was whipped!


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