Peyton's Page #RUN4P

Peyton's Page #RUN4P

Our incredible son, Peyton, passed away on June 4, 2013.  He was an amazing nine year old boy who loved
to run and loved to encourage others. He was my inspiration, his Mama's inspiration and an inspiration to our whole community.

Peyton was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy (BRE) in December 2012 after having a small seizure while boating with his grandparents. Most doctors report that children ages 6-8 can develop this type of epilepsy, but that kids will outgrow it in their teens. Seizures mostly occur at night or when a child is waking from a nap and are mild in degree.

Jennifer and I never actually saw Peyton have a seizure. We knew he must have had one in his sleep at least twice, but he seemed completely fine and healthy otherwise. In fact, Peyton was one of the most healthy kids I have ever seen. He was an athlete. It was not until the morning of June 3, 2013, when I walked into his room that I found him unresponsive. I performed CPR on Peyton until the medics arrived. The medics worked tirelessly to revive Peyton and transported him to the Mount Pleasant Medical Center. The emergency room physicians and medical staff refused to give up on our baby boy and were finally able to get a heartbeat, but the lack of oxygen to Peyton's brain for such a long time was too much even for our incredible son.

Peyton had a seizure sometime that morning and because he had no control of his body he became wedged between the wall and his mattress. The seizure killed our beautiful boy because even though he was eighty pounds and solid muscle, he had no way of calling out for help or moving the mattress away from his face.

It is more difficult to write this than you could possibly imagine, but if sharing Peyton's story helps another parent not to have to go through what Jennifer and I have endured it is worth my pain.

I try to spend my days remembering the beautiful times we shared together. I share those memories on his Facebook page each day and will until I am no longer able. 

Peyton's Facebook Page can be found here:


Honoring our Son

USA Track and Field Magazine
2014 Charleston Marathon Kids Run
2014 Cooper River Bridge Kids Run

2014 Life Point 5K and 10K

Peyton's Rock at the Peyton Johnson Moore Track

Our street named in honor of Peyton

Peyton Moore Award at Mount Pleasant Academy
"For Outstanding Leadership, Sportsmanship & Dedication to Physical Fitness"
2013 Mount Pleasant Track Club
Peyton Moore Athlete of the Year Award
2013 Mount Pleasant Track Club XC
Peyton Moore Athlete of the Year Award

2014 Mount Pleasant Track ClubPeyton Moore Athlete of the Year Award

Jennifer and I will be running the New York City Marathon this November (2014). We were asked to share our story in a contest to have a picture on the jumbotron in Times Square and in Runners World magazine. If we win, it will be Peyton's picture that we will share with the world.

Please take a few seconds to vote for and share Peyton's story at this link: 

News about Peyton

Peyton's Song "Running on the Wind" by Logging Miles

Running with Kids

I believe in encouraging kids to run by showing them how fun it is to get out and have an adventure.

I have written about the adventures Peyton and I have had over the years and I will share them here in hopes that he will continue to inspire others to run, jump and throw like he did.

As you can tell from my blog, I have battled my own weight issues.  Although my weight ballooned in my twenties and thirties, my problems did not start as an adult.  I have battled these issues since I was a child.  I clearly remember my pant size was "husky" and I can not remember ever talking about healthy eating with anyone in my family.  In fact, as a child growing up in a family of five kids and a single mother we ate mostly government assistance food which was high in fat and loaded with sodium.

I receive a lot of emails asking me how to motivate kids to run and how to run as a family.  I am in no way an expert, but I have a wife who is proud of what I have accomplished and I will always be the proud dad of a nine year old son who loved to run and loved to help others.

I hope that some of our stories and the tools I am listing on this page will help you get out and have an adventure with your child too.

Running Logs Used by Peyton:

Pod Cast:

The Mission

Our Adventures:

Peyton and I after he completed the Charleston Youth Marathon
Peyton at the Charleston Youth Marathon

Races with Youth Marathons and Child Age Groups

Peyton (9) finishing 2nd at the Life Point 5K

Peyton's first 5K (5 years old)


  1. The Kids Running page is a great idea!

  2. Thanks Dude! I missed this comment somehow...
    This is my favorite part of being a runner, sharing it with my family.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss..i am one of your 5k runners. You have been such an inspiration.My whole heart goes out to you and your family


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