Disclosure Policy

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose the nature of my blog advertising and my relationship with the manufacturer or seller of any product that I endorse on this blog. My policies for reviews and endorsements are as follows:

1. This is a personal blog.  I write it, unless my wife or son hack my computer and write a bunch of stuff that sounds just like me. Sometimes I post other stuff written by other people, but I always edit it as needed so that it meets my personal standards. 

2. I do participate in various forms of advertising, including Google Adsense. Additionally, I may advertise for races or products with direct links for entry into their races or a small (and I do mean small) commission.  Earnings made via these sources help me to justify the considerable time and effort that I put into writing this blog, and your support is much appreciated!

3. I accept no monetary payment for any review or post that I write on MooreOnRunning. Don’t offer to pay me for a review – I will not accept it and most likely will not review your product .

4. I do accept trial products free-of-charge from manufacturers for the purpose of conducting reviews. I also turn down many offers of free products if I feel that they are not suitable for this blog or its readers.  I also review a lot of products that I have purchased.  Unless I state otherwise, assume I bought it!

5. If a product was provided to me free-of-charge by a manufacturer, seller, or marketing firm for the purposes of testing and writing a review, I will disclose this in the body of the post.  Again, unless I state otherwise, assume I bought it.

6. No manufacturer or seller of a product will influence the form or outcome of any review that I write. I strive to write reviews that are both honest and thorough, and I only endorse products that I genuinely feel will be of benefit to my readers.


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