I don’t know much, but I do know that I was put on this earth to be a father…

From the time I was a kid I dreamed of being a dad. Maybe it was from not having my own father around most of my life or just something I was born with, I just always wanted to be a dad.
Jennifer has given me the chance to be a father to two incredible boys.
I have experienced the greatest joys of being a father. From the incredibly proud moments (crawling, walking, running, scoring, straight A’s, helping others, encouraging strangers) to the unbelievably hilarious moments (nighttime giggles, baby poop in strange places, funny words, being called DIK - kid spelled backwards), there have been some good ones.
I’ve also experienced the tough times of being a father. From the no time to do anything else moments (rushing around getting ready in the morning, late for dinners, carrying way too much stuff, multiple events at the same time, late for everything, getting way too upset about small stuff) to the hardheaded pushing every boundary moments (tantrums, hitting, running away in a busy parking lot, going as slow as possible so we are late, attitude, door slamming, silence) there have been some tough ones.
And of course I have experienced a parent’s worst nightmare, losing my child…
I never thought that I would get a chance to be a father to another child after losing Peyton, but here I am changing diapers, thinking about schools and talking to my son about bugs and dirt.
I actually thought that I would be more patient the second time around, but Miles works pretty hard to ensure I use all the parenting skills I know.
You would think that it’s all those funny and proud moments that make me feel most like a dad. But it’s those multiple timeout days, the struggle of cleaning up all those trucks, the times explaining that it’s better to share than push moments that really make me feel like a dad.
I stress and cherish those moments at the very same time. That’s what being a dad is to me. It’s the joy, laughter, stress, worry, aggravation, and proud million moments that only you get with your child.
I would not trade one for the other, they all make up the limited time I have with my boys and whether those moments are easy or hard they are my moments and I will never waste them. #dontwasteamoment
Five years ago today we were a normal family...

Jennifer and I were in Las Vegas getting ready to run the Rock n Roll Marathon with friends. Our sweet boy, Peyton, was with his grandparents back at home. 

Peyton was a star athlete, amazing student and an even better person. We were an incredibly happy couple with a healthy child and a love for adventures and life. 

We had never even thought about epilepsy or what it meant to have a child with epilepsy. We had never thought of our child being anything but our P. We had never imagined life without him.

That was the last day we lived with that innocence...

It’s strange to think back to that time. We were so different. Sure we had concerns and fears, but nothing like this. We were just normal parents. We always lived life to its fullest. We did amazing things together. We laughed and played because it was what felt right to us. We loved each other because our souls were connected at the core. That was such an amazing time.

The next day we would hear about Peyton’s first seizure. We would learn that his grandparents saw it as he woke up after falling asleep on the boat. We would hear the fear in their voices and we would spend the day talking to our friends in the medical field about what we should do. We would rationalize it and we would face our fears of what this meant for our boy, for our family, for our lives.

I will never forget that phone call with Peyton. Our strong, ferocious, caring nine year old little boy. He did not want to tell us because he didn’t want it to “mess up our race”. And I will never forget him saying “I was so scared daddy” and the feeling of complete helplessness.

Six months later Peyton would be gone...

It’s strange to be parents of a two year old now. I don’t know if we have more fears or if we just have less innocence. We are so different now. How could we not be? We know first hand what truly is a parent’s worst nightmare.

We still love our adventures and we still love each other. We will never stop loving Peyton, we just have his little brother Miles who deserves every bit of that love as well (and he gives it right back to us).
We truly live life like there is no tomorrow.

If we could, we would all write our future out in a book and have it end the way we wanted. But everyone has a different book so we just get to write our present and live it. Maybe it’s the fact that we have lost that innocence that makes me believe that you have to write each page like its your best work ever and live it like its your last.
The Power of Running

Our Story

The solo 50K and the 10x5K relay events are officially SOLD OUT!

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- From the Charleston Running Club Newsletter:

CRC June Member Profile-Noah Moore and the MooreOns
Noah Moore on how it all began.........

Moore On Running started with me writing a blog (www.MooreOnRunning.com) about my training and weight loss back in 2007. I lost about 100 pounds, started running ultras and along the way I became a certified running coach and started my own Couch to 5K group. 

 The first time we ever used the name MooreOnRunners was when Jennifer and I ran a doughnut run with Peyton and made our own shirts. From then on we were the MooreOnRunners and everyone who trained with us or ran with us just became part of our running family (and MooreOns).


One day I was talking to my son Peyton and he thought it would be cool to have a group after the C25K group. He came up with the name "5K and Beyond". 

These MooreOnRunners train for an all night MooreOnRelay around Charleston County and a MooreOnRoadTrip each year. Last year they ran 5 trails in 4 states in 24 hours. It was an awesome adventure that ended with us finding out that Jennifer and I were having a boy (Jennifer screamed it out in the bathroom in the Smoky Mountains between TN and NC).

When I start a new MooreOnRunning 5K and Beyond group I have very specific rules that I send out:
"This is the most special group I coach. My son came up with this idea and I have done everything I can to keep it just the way he would have wanted it. I don't advertise this group. I don't even put it up on Active.com or my web site. This is truly a MooreOn group and you have to be willing to be part of my craziness and not worry about where you finish in a run or a race. You have to leave your fears at home and you have to want to be part of something so crazy people will call you a MooreOn!"

 I am coaching a group of thirty 5KB runners now and they are training for an all night multi state multi trail run in August. After that I will start a Couch to 5K group for the Fall (with some real estate sales in there as well).

- Love my running community - Noah

To all our Wild and Wacky Peeps:

First, thank you all for being part of our boy’s race. As you could probably tell, Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 5K Ultra is not just any race. We wanted this race to bring out the fun and adventure that was truly Peyton and we wanted to share our boy’s crazy spirit with you all. We can only hope that we were able to at least give you a bit of how amazing he really was.

Big thanks to Rachel Vane for coordinating our amazing volunteers. They make us look like we do this full time!

Thank you to our awesome sponsors!

Title Sponsor Lucey Mortgage, Bib and Food Sponsor Jim ‘N Nicks BBQ (so good!), Race Bag Sponsor ISHPI and AE Fit, Race Towel Sponsor Everett Presson Group and Ultra Hat Sponsors Fleet Feet and AE Fit. And every sponsor who gave us money, supplies, product or giveaways (you rock!).

We are runners and skimping on runners is just not our nature. Our sponsors make it possible for us to have the coolest race swag around and raise money for some of Peyton’s favorite groups (Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, Mount Pleasant Track Club and Mount Pleasant Academy).

Big thanks to our friends, family and the running community for all your support. We cannot imagine making it though this without you all and I’m not just talking about the race.

Brian Fancher did another amazing job photographing our race! Check out his gallery at:
His charges are very reasonable for these awesome pictures so please make sure you support his efforts by purchasing these great pics!

Race Results
Race results can be found at www.RUN4P.comor at these direct links:
5K Age Group Awards: www.mooreplus.com/20165KAgeGroupResults.pdf
5K Overall Results: www.mooreplus.com/20165KOverallResults.pdf
50K Overall Results: www.mooreplus.com/201650KOverallResults.pdf
50K Female Results: www.mooreplus.com/201650KFemaleResults.pdf
50K Male Results: www.mooreplus.com/201650KMaleResults.pdf
10x5K Five Person Relay: www.mooreplus.com/201610x5KFivePersonRelayResults.pdf
10x5K Two Person Relay: www.mooreplus.com/201610x5KTwoPersonRelayResults.pdf

Please note that relay results were taken from timing mat 1 and the backup timing mat 2. They were also taken from backup video due to runners activating the timer by crossing over the start or finish with other teammates while wearing their bibs. MPTC 1 and MPTC 2 times were determined to be a tied for first place.

50K results have been submitted to Ultra Runner Magazine and are on UltraSignUp.
Thank you Jimmy Stephens, Timing Inc, for all your work timing this crazy event. Timing four races over ten hours is crazy hard. Next year we will have one bib per team and a running tally for solo runners and relay teams.

Awards and Medals

If you placed in your 5K age group (top 3) email me if you would like to set up a time to pick your award from my office on Isle of Palms.We would love for you to have them (or we are going to eat all the candy and walk around our house wearing medals - don't judge).

Next Year – March 11, 2017
Save the date for next year’s race! The 3rd Annual Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 5K Ultra will be held at Laurel Hill County Park on March 11, 2017. We will be capping the race again (100 solo, 20 relay teams 2 and 5 person teams, and only 200 5K spots) so sign up early. Registration will open on Peyton’s Birthday, September 10, 2016.

If you or someone you know would like to be one of our cool sponsors please let us know (seriously, we have the coolest sponsors!).

Again, thank you so much for being part of our boy’s race. Peyton loved the running community. He loved walking around races and track meets all day and just being with the people he loved. Watching all of yous pend the day together while running and laughing was a gift to us.

Noah and Jen (Peyton and Miles’ Dad and Mom)

Join us for the second annual "Peyton's Wild and Wacky 5K Ultra" on March 12, 2016!

Last year we had a huge turnout, a great race and a lot of fun. This year will be even better!

Register at UltraSignUp: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=34011

This race is in honor of Peyton Moore, our nine year old son who passed away in 2013. P was a local runner, track and field star and all around great kid who lived life to the fullest. We could not think of a better way to remember our boy than spending a day running and hanging out with all our runner friends.

Read about Peyton at www.RUN4P.com

Just like Peyton, this race will be very wild and wacky. Join us for a 10x5K (50K) Ultra or come out and run the 5K event right in the middle of the ultra. Run the 50K solo or make a relay team with 2 or 5 of your friends. All races will be held on the Laurel Hill Trail in Mount Pleasant, SC.

All proceeds from the race will be donated to Peyton's favorite organizations;
Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund
Mount Pleasant Track Club
Mount Pleasant Academy

Register at UltraSignUp: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=34011

This race features one of the best swag bags around, lots of give a ways all day, great food, cool shirts with Peyton’s artwork, finisher medals for all races and one of a kind hand painted awards created by Peyton’s friends.

Update (2-27-16)

Race is almost sold out!
5K - 76 spots left
10x5K solo - 7 spots left
10x5K relay (2 person team) - SOLD OUT
10x5K relay (5 person team) - SOLD OUT

Don't miss the coolest trail race in the Lowcountry!

Register at UltraSignUp: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=34011


I have had such a hard time writing my blog these past two years. 
My son, Peyton, loved reading the crazy stuff I wrote and loved that "our" blog was read by so many people. After Peyton died I just lost the ability (or maybe desire) to write what I was doing on a daily basis. One of my last posts was titled "my son, my motivation" and was a group of pictures of Peyton. I would have never thought that I would lose him just a few weeks later...
I have continued to run and coach these past two years and MooreOnRunners seem to be everywhere. I really don't know what Jen and I would have done without the support of these runners and the whole running community. They really have held us up at every turn.
So about nine months ago (you might know where this is going) something pretty incredible happened. I found out that my wife was pregnant and two weeks ago our baby boy was born! 
I shared the news on Facebook (so this might be old news to you), but I felt like posting it here too (its my blog). I took a little liberty with a poem by Robert Frost that is used by so many runners (I hope he's cool with that). Anyway, you never know, maybe I will start writing more "stuff" again...
This crazy universe is not quite done with us; 
a little Moore has been added to our lives to share in all our adventures. 
We have things to see and promises to keep and Miles to go before we sleep...
Miles Johnson Moore
October 7, 2015
7 lbs
19 1/2 inches

This was Peyton's school...
Another year has passed without our beautiful boy…

I fall asleep and wake up every day thinking and missing Peyton’s smile, laugh, jokes, hugs,
conversations and every quirky thing he ever said or did.

I do this every day, but this time of year always feels different...

If you can you imagine watching a calendar like it’s a countdown, that’s how Jen and I feel as June comes around. When school is almost out and the track & field state meet is just around the corner, we start to relive each moment that lead up to the death of our son.

I can remember every moment of Peyton's last day with us. I can remember him quickly jumping out of bed to give his Mama a kiss goodnight and telling her he loved her. And I can remember Peyton laying in bed as I turned off his bedroom lights and saying “I love you Daddy” and me saying “I love you too baby”.

I can also remember every moment of the morning we found him...

For the longest time I had trouble going places or doing things that I would have done with Peyton. I just felt so guilty doing things without him. Knowing that I will be a father to another little boy has created a whole new storm of emotions. Can you imagine thinking of doing any of those things with another child? Believe me, it can make you think your mind is ripping apart.

Getting excited and then feeling guilty about that joy has almost been more than I can handle. It really is a struggle. I think any parent would struggle, there really aren't many handbooks on how to handle this stuff.

I have worked hard to figure out how I can exist with both my grief for losing Peyton and the joy for my baby to be. It’s been tough to get to this thought, but I don’t think they have to be dependent upon each other. I don’t think that me being happy and excited to see this baby takes away anything from how much I miss and love Peyton.

Our family
Man, believe me, it has not been easy to get to this point…

I continue to write about and post pictures of Peyton each day because even when some of those memories make me cry they also bring a smile to my face. I can picture our boy joking with us or with his friends. I can clearly remember all the times we picked him up from school and him telling us all the trouble he got into before telling us all the good things he had done (he loved to get the "bad stuff" out first). I can remember him talking about girls and sock hops and how much he loved being with his friends. I can remember how Peyton would tell us every person in his class and where they were currently seated (and how many times they had been moved and why – including himself). I can remember all the talks we had about sports. I can remember helping him with homework and studying for tests. I can remember so many moments that I walked in to find Peyton and his Mama deep in conversations about music, movies, girls and friends. I remember Peyton jumping in our bed in the middle of the night when he had a nightmare and holding him tight while telling him everything would be okay…

I remember our last few weeks together. I remember our last weekend together. And I remember our last day together. I don’t think we wasted a moment, but we weren’t with him the whole time either. Peyton had his own friends, his own dreams, his own life…

Sometimes I forget that others miss our boy too.

This year I received a copy of an essay that a younger brother of one of Peyton’s friends wrote. He wrote about looking up to Peyton. He thought of Peyton as a hero. A few days ago I received a text from the mother of one of Peyton’s friends. He had made a book for school and dedicated it to Peyton. I continue to run with and coach some of Peyton’s friends and they remind me very often of how much they miss their buddy P…

My boy
I know very well that Peyton’s aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents miss him too. It’s hard for
them to put into words how they miss Peyton and how bad they feel because they are usually trying to be careful with their own grief when they are with us. We might not be able to put it into words, but we understand.

Our friends continue to amaze us with their support and the way they rally to keep Peyton’s memory alive. Helping us with Peyton’s Race, honoring P with awards at his school, track team and with the running club. Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell everyone how we feel, but all those things mean so much to us. Jen and I are so very proud of the way our boy touched so many lives.

My everything...
I try my best to smile and laugh when I‘m with all my family and friends. Just like Peyton, it makes us feel good to see others smile too. I share a lot (maybe way too much), but I don’t want to share every dark moment that I have. The truth is that sometimes I have to pull my car over because the tears are just too much. But it’s just not fair to put that on other people. These are my moments and I know they are the result of my love and my grief. Peyton was the love of my life and losing someone you love so deeply comes with a high cost and that is just a fact…

So we start another year, another countdown. Things will be different this time next year for sure. We will be sharing our love and life with Peyton’s little brother. There is no doubt that we will love this little baby, no doubt at all. And there is no doubt that we will continue to miss and love Peyton, no doubt at all…

Noah Moore (Peyton's Dad)

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