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Before I buy something new I read a ton of reviews.  I really like to hear from real people using stuff that I want.  I'm not an elite runner so reviews from professionals don't always mean a lot to me.

I have been asked to review a few things and other stuff I just want to share my opinion.  Some of these reviews are mixed in with my posts so I am going to link them here, that way if you really care what I have to say about this stuff you can find it easily:

These are by far my favorite socks.  I have worn these socks in cold weather and hot weather and they hold up really well.  I also wore these socks during my 12 hour Ultra run and all five of my marathons and never had a single blister.  I like the Feetures! Light Low Cut socks for running and the Feetures! Original Low Cut socks for boot camp workouts.
I was recently sent their newest creation "Feetures! Elite!" and I wore them on a rainy ten mile long run.  I loved them!  
We believe it to be the first truly anatomical sock. Until this point, anatomical socks by other brands have used anatomical cushioning. Instead, Feetures! Elite uses anatomical compression positioned in the inside of the arch, where the foot needs the most support. The compression is intensified and isolated. The result is a sock that fits and feels like no other.
They felt good from the minute I put them on.  I love the extra support and the wicking material that kept my feet dry.  Plus, I love the way they look!  These have moved up to my new racing socks.

I can not live without my Garmin 405.  I use it on all my runs and my track workouts.  If you don't have one you should put it on you Christmas, Valentine's, Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or Grandparent's Day wish list!

Salomon XR Crossmax Trail Running Shoes (updated 10-18-11)
I was lucky enough to win a chance to review these shoes from a great blog community (
I have tried these shoes out on both roads and trails.  I love the fit and the lacing system.  This shoe is like wearing a glove!  The material is great for getting wet and dirty (easy to clean and dries quickly).  The stability of the shoe is incredible (road and trails).  The one drawback this shoe has is the weight.  This is a heavy shoe and you will feel it if you run some distance.  I don't wear a lot of trail shoes, so I am comparing these to my road running shoes which are typically light, but still offer stability and cushioning.  If you want the detailed specifications of the shoe check out the link on the Samomon site.  It has more than you will ever want to know.  As far as my recommendation, I love this shoe.  Yes its red and sticks out in the woods, but it feels great and actually looks very cool! Update: I ran in these shoes at the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run.  They were awesome!  They gave me traction where there should not have been any.  They felt great even after jumping in a pool of mud and wading through a stream.  Also, I never felt like they were going to come off in the mud.  If you are looking for a shoe to wear on a mud run (Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder, etc...) this is it!

The demonstration was cool, but it just did not make any difference to me when running.

Flexitol Blistop
This was sent to me by the manufacturer.  I decided the only way to really try it out was to wear cotton socks on a ten mile run.

It sprays on a little cold and feels wet for only a few seconds.  After it dries it's not sticky at all.  I really could not feel it on my feet.  There was a slight smell when I sprayed it on, but not after it dried.  I checked my feet after the run and they were fine.  No blisters and no red spots.  I don't really like to wear cotton socks, but if you do I would definitely recommend Blistop before you run.
All I have to say is I love my Monkey Shirt!

Gift Ideas for Runners
This is a post I wrote with gift ideas for your runner.

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