My Story

I am an ordinary guy...

I had been gaining weight for years, but in 2003 (when my wife was pregnant) I ballooned to 265 pounds (at 5’ 6” that is a lot of weight to carry around). 

I stayed at that weight until  my son turned two and my father passed away.

That year, I decided to try to get back in shape.  I tried working out (I even joined a boot camp group), but I found that all I was doing was exercising to eat.  I dropped a few pounds, but it all came back.

In September, 2007, at 36 years old (and after running the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K in 1 hour and 17 minutes) I made the choice to eat right and start seriously running.

I signed up for another group exercise session (MUSC Boot Camp) and even went to the MUSC Weight Management Center to learn how to be a healthy eater.

I worked out with the MUSC Boot camp three days a week and started running on my own (I only took days off because everyone told me I had too).

In February, 2008, I had dropped my weight to 164 pounds (I still weigh the same).  My Body Fat went from 31.2% to 13.9%; my triglycerides went from 235 to 34; and my waist shrunk from 46” to 31” - my waist is smaller now than when I was in high school!

That month I ran my first half marathon (The Myrtle Beach Half) and ran two more that year (Indy Mini and Kiawah Half).  

In February, 2009,  I returned to Myrtle Beach and finished my first full marathon (The Myrtle Beach Marathon).  Later that year I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.  These were two of the most amazing moments of my life and I was able to share them with my wife and son!

In 2010 I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K and cut my time by 29 minutes to 48:49.  Later that Summer, on July 4th in Downtown Charleston, I ran my first Ultra Marathon (a 12 hour race where I ran 50.5 miles and came in third).  

In the Fall of 2010, on my 40th birthday,  I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in under four hours (3:59:47) and then two weeks later I ran the Valley of Fire Marathon outside Las Vegas (one of the hardest things I have ever done). 

You could say I’m now hooked on running.

All of these things would be awesome on their own, but the best part is that my whole family is healthier.  When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon my wife was running the 10K and the day before my son ran the One Mile Kids Run (at seven he ran a 5K in 34:30)! 

I share my story on this blog not to boast, but because I have to.  So many people have helped me and still help me as I go on this journey.  I owe so much to the Marines (who run the MUSC Boot Camp), the staff of the MUSC Weight Management Center, the staff of TrySports (who treated me like a “real runner” from day one), my friends and family who put up with my constant jabber about running, and my amazing wife and son who support me each and every day.

I believe anyone can make this change.  Walking out your front door and going for a run or walk can be an adventure every time.

This year (2011), my wife is working out with the morning Boot Camp group and I am working out with the evening Boot Camp group.  My son is playing basketball and running track (he is seven now).

I share my story not as an expert, but as an ordinary guy who once hated running and now can’t live without it…

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  1. Wow! Congratulations...what an accomplishment..your little guy looks just like you!

  2. Hey Noah,
    What an awesome story you have, along with tons of willpower and drive, energy and a fantastic attitude! I love how you are such a strong role model for your son and have made fitness part of your normal, everyday family life.
    Great to meet you in the Sat. a.m. running group, too!

    1. Thanks Melissa! It was really good to run with you this weekend. Great job on your training!

  3. hi i have in my charleston 100 file for 2023 an enormous list of turns and street names is this the route for 2023 or is it from a previous race i am dana garen at


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