Track Workout - 7-10-09

There are easy days and there are hard days - this workout definitely falls under hard!

We did the following workout:

1 x 800 warm up

6 x 1000 (under 5k pace - 4:40) - 400 recovery (at marathon pace - 2:13)

1 x 400 cool down (could have been 800, but I was too tired to do another lap)

Running under 5k pace is hard enough, but doing it with little recovery taxed the hell out of me. I had stayed pretty close to my splits (4:41, 4:40, 4:46, 4:47, 4:45) until the last 1000 (5:02).

Trying to get the pace right on the recovery 400's was a little harder. I was trying for 2:13, but was slower on all of them (2:20, 2:30, 2:33, 2:19, 2:18).

I finished with a 400 cool down lap (I think I was supposed to do 800, but there was no way).

I ended up running a total of over five and a half miles around the track. Again, this one goes down as a hard day...


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