Long Run - 8 Miles - 10-17-09

Its hard to title this as a long run when it is in single digits...

My son, Peyton, joined our group today. It was so cool having him get up and go through my morning routine with me. He was so excited that I was letting him come along. He put on his cold weather running gear and said he was ready for the run!

The weather was perfect this morning. It should be about the same on race day, so it was a great way to end the long months of training. Our goal today was to run at marathon pace and feel good doing it.

My son ran part of the warm up mile with us and then left with Coach Greg (11:31). Cathy and I picked it up and headed towards Sullivan's Island (8:41, 8:42, 8:47). We got to the gas station on Sullivan's Island and turned around to go back. It was really neat having Peyton there to cheer me on. Of course he had been coached to say "go faster Daddy!".

We kept up the pace all the way back (8:51, 8:45, 8:40). It was a really good run and it felt pretty good to be running at marathon pace. Our last mile was done at a slow cool down pace (9:47).

What an incredible morning. The weather was perfect, the run felt great and having my son with me was awesome!


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