Marine Corps Marathon Update #2

I am going to do this slow so I can get it all in.

First, and most importantly, my run raised over $2,000 for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund! I am so stoked that so many people supported this run and this amazing cause.

Second, I finished the race.

Third, I posted a new Personal Best for the marathon (4:18).

Fourth, I had a great time!

The Marine Corps Marathon was an amazing race. The course was unbelievable. The spectators were awesome and the Marines were the best. There are so many things to talk about that I am going to take the next week to write them down and then post it to my blog. I really don't want to miss anything.

OK, so what's the deal with the shirt? I saw this shirt at the expo and though to myself, "That is a cool shirt, why not wear it during the race". What I should have been thinking was, "That is a cool shirt, I should buy it and wear it after the race and not take the chance on it chafing the hell out of my body!!!".
At mile fifteen, I noticed blood on my legs. I quickly checked them and did not see anything wrong. Then I noticed my left nipple was bleeding. That's the first time that has happened, but I have been with other people when it happened to them so I was not freaking out. Then I noticed that my side was bleeding and then my stomach! I did not notice my back until after the race. Turns out that the shirt was not a technical shirt, it was some hybrid cotton shirt. I plan on sending Brooks a nasty email later. Even though it hurt like hell, it was cool looking like I had just walked off a battle field after the race...
As far as the race, here is a brief recap (you can see where I cramped up - it was right at mile twenty as I was crossing a bridge). Also, I was running with the 4:00 pace group. I liked it for the most part, but the first few miles were a little crazy:
1 - 9:00
2 - 9:26
3 - 8:21
4 - 8:27
5 - 8:52
6 - 8:32
7 - 9:08
8 - 8:42
9 - 8:53
10 - 8:59
11 - 9:09
12 - 9:00
13 - 9:08
14 - 9:15
15 - 9:09
16 - 9:21
17 - 9:26
18 - 9:22
19 - 9:00
20 - 10:34 (cramps started)
21 - 11:30 (lost the pace group)
22 - 12:33
23 - 10:47
24 - 11:07
25 - 12:15
26 - 12:06
So that's it for now. More later...


  1. Woah! That is a hardcore racing shirt! Ohmygosh, you seriously went to battle! Hopefully you are healing quickly though...because that looks like it hurt quite a bit. You had such a good pace, and way to go with raising $2K AND getting a PR.

    Awesome job!! :)

  2. Way to go man, but that shirt is a mess! LOL. At least you lasted till mile 20. My cramps started around mile 18! Great job. Truly inspirational!


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