Night + Rain + Running = Fun!

Last night I went for a ten mile run in the rain.

It was about 52 degrees when I started and almost 60 degrees when I finished.  Finally, warmer weather.

I ran down Coleman Blvd toward the Cooper River Bridge.  The rain did not start until I was about four miles into my run.  Right before I hit the bridge it started to sprinkle.  Old instincts made me consider turning back, but instead I notched up the speed and attacked the bridge.

The rain was pouring down, but the wind was behind me.  It was not until I hit the turnaround that I realized just how hard it was coming down.  The wind and rain were hammering me as I made my way back down the bridge.  I felt like a kid running in the rain; it was an awesome feeling!

I got back on the road and all the sidewalks were flooded.  I gave up trying to run around the water and just started running through every puddle.  It was sick!  I felt like I was running on a trail at times (I could not see the road or the sidewalk).  As I ran my last mile I found myself soaked and feeling like I had just finished an adventure...

How cool is it to be a runner?!



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