Back in the Game

Seventeen miles in the last twenty four hours - much better...

Monday afternoon I went for a nine mile run.  It felt great to get out and run again.  I left from my office and went up East Bay Street to the Cooper River Bridge.  I ran over the bridge and down to the Mount Pleasant waterfront park and then back to downtown Charleston (8:20, 8:50, 9:25, 9:09, 9:10, 9:50, 8:28, 9:25, 9:24).  As I was coming back on East Bay Street I saw the US Custom House and ran up and down the steps (it was a Rocky moment).

Monday night I took my son to track practice and ran a quick mile around the track.  I had to stop because my son was running a relay race and he was kicking some serious butt!

This afternoon, I was able to get in a seven mile run before I went to a training conference on the Isle of Palms.  I ran down through the Old Village and out to the Old Pitt Street Bridge (9:21, 9:14, 9:21, 9:25, 9:04, 9:02, 8:45).  The weather was incredible, I was actually able to wear shorts today!

I drove out to the islands for my conference (this is the same place I do a lot of my long runs) and realized how much I would rather be running than driving.

It feels good to be back in the game.


  1. great running! maybe you can get out for a run on iop? :)

  2. I love running on IOP! Tonight I am going out for a run on the new Ben Sawyer Bridge - I am trying to be the first person to run on it!!! I will let you know how it goes.


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