Countdown to Peyton’s Marathon

It’s Tuesday night and I am finishing a t-shirt I made for Peyton…

Tonight, we went to the track to run one mile.  This was mile number twenty-three and Peyton wanted to do it at the track with Coach Greg and the Bridge Run Group.  When we arrived at the track there was a ton of people on the field, track and stands.  There just happened to be a lacrosse game going on.

We saw Coach Greg and he had Peyton do some drills as we made our way around the first lap.  Peyton listened to Coach Greg and was very serious as he completed the high knees, butt kicks, side steps, and backwards run.  After the drills, Peyton and I finished the first lap.  We headed into the second lap and I could tell Peyton was preoccupied with the game on the field.  We talked about the game and I got him laughing.  We finished the lap with a 100 meter sprint. 

We rested for a few seconds and then did our third lap.  On the fourth lap Peyton stopped to do some pushups and then we sprinted the last 100 meters.  We watched some really fast runners doing their track workout and moved to the stands to watch the rest of the lacrosse game.

It was a really nice night and we sat there and talked.  At the time, Peyton had raised over $700 for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and he was really excited.  I asked Peyton why he wanted to raise money for the Marines.   He said, “they made you smaller, they yell at momma (at Boot Camp), they like me, they protect me, I like their hair, and they need someone to help them sometimes”.  Not a bad answer for a six year old…

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