Recap for the Week (March 18-21)

After running with Peyton on Wednesday night and celebrating with our family, it seems pretty lame to write about the rest of the week :)  I will, of course, do my best to keep my running log up to date...

Thursday, I went for an eight mile run at lunch.  I added a loop around Hampton park at the end of my Citadel out and back run (marathon pace).

Friday, I did an awesome track workout:
1x800 warm up
6x800 (3:30 - 60 second recovery)
1x800 cool down
I was pretty spent at the end of this workout, but it felt great to hit all my times!

Saturday, I ran six and half miles with the group at a pretty slow pace (except when I came down the bridge for the second time).  When I got home, I ran a mile with Peyton around the neighborhood (he is now working on his 100 mile chart - what have I created???).

Sunday, I rested. 

I am really excited about the Cooper River Bridge 10k this coming Saturday.  I feel good and my foot has finally stopped hurting.

Oh, I signed up for the Warrior Dash in Mountain City, GA.  I am running it on Sunday, May 23rd, 1:30pm wave.  Not only am I running it, some of my friends are doing it too.  I love this crazy world!!!

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