Fuel - Before, During and After a Long Run

Here is my non scientific look at fueling and refueling for a long run...

Over the past three years I have tested a few different ways to refuel during a long run.  I have gone with water, gels, sports drinks, coconut water, and sports beans.  I have had some success, but usually I either feel like I am bonking or close to it.  Other times my calves have come close to cramping or cramped up for the last five miles of a marathon.  So this year I am determined to get it right.

Yesterday I ran twenty-two miles.  It was hot and humid and a perfect day to "get it right".  I started my run at 4:00am and it was already 80 degrees.  I ate a slice of bread with peanut butter and drank two glasses of water.  I filled my water bottle with Powerade Zero.  

At mile five I ate a Hammer Gel (Montana Berry - so good).  I drank from my water bottle every mile.  After eight miles I got back to my starting point and ate a Bonk Breaker bar (Peanut Butter and Banana - so so taste).  I also took one Thermotab (basically a salt pill).  I refilled my bottle and after ten minutes (I was waiting for the rest of my running group to show up) I was back on the road.  At mile twelve, I ate half a pack of chomps.  

Not only was I feeling fine at mile fifteen, I was speeding up - Andrew wanted to race :)  I finished with seventeen miles and felt great!

I drank some more water and then some chocolate milk.  The group was done running so I ended up finishing my last five miles later that day. 

The best thing is that I was not tired during the day and I was ready to go when it was time to do my last five miles.    Maybe, just maybe I have figured out a good strategy to fueling.  

This is not to say this is the best idea for everyone.  I sweat like crazy and need to replenish the entire time I am running.  I also had a break during my run, so this could have had a lot to with how I was feeling.  Anyway, after worrying so much about how I was going to feel after running in such high heat and humidity it was great to feel so good!
Links to what I used:

Water (not really a link for this)

Jacks Cosmic Dog - what I had for lunch :)


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