Training in the Heat

This heat is killing me!  I thought the heat was fine for the first thirty straight days of above 90 degree temps, but now its getting old...

I have been reading a lot about hydration (before, during and after running).  There are a ton of articles out there that have suggestions that range from drinking salt in slurppees to eating frozen fruit after a workout.

- "Take time to hydrate"
- "The truth about Hydration in the heat"
- "What do you mean when you talk about hydrating"

My plan is pretty simple:

- I drink a lot of water before I run
- I drink sports drinks during my run (I add gels and salt pills if the run is more than 6 miles)
- I drink low fat chocolate milk after my run

What ever you do, have a plan.  Don't wait until you are at six mile on a ninety degree day and start thinking about what you need to do to get or stay hydrated.

Training Recap:

Saturday - I ran a 12 mile long run.  First four miles were fast (9:30); next four miles were slower (9:50); and then I pushed the last four up to marathon pace (8:50).
Sunday - Rest day.
Monday - Five mile recovery run (9:45).
Tuesday - Track Workout: 1x800 warm up, drills, 4x200 (:49 - 100 recovery), 4x300 (1:12 - 200 recovery), 4x400 (1:39 - 300 recovery), 1x1200 cool down.
Wednesday - Bridge repeats (ran to the top of the Cooper River Bridge and ran repeats between the spans - 8:40 average)
Thursday - I was supposed to run a seven mile tempo run, but I felt like crap and made it a rest day...

As always, please remember that I am not a certified trainer, doctor, nurse, expert or anybody else qualified to tell you what to do...


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