Training in the Heat

This heat is killing me!  I thought the heat was fine for the first thirty straight days of above 90 degree temps, but now its getting old...

I have been reading a lot about hydration (before, during and after running).  There are a ton of articles out there that have suggestions that range from drinking salt in slurppees to eating frozen fruit after a workout.

- "Take time to hydrate"
- "The truth about Hydration in the heat"
- "What do you mean when you talk about hydrating"

My plan is pretty simple:

- I drink a lot of water before I run
- I drink sports drinks during my run (I add gels and salt pills if the run is more than 6 miles)
- I drink low fat chocolate milk after my run

What ever you do, have a plan.  Don't wait until you are at six mile on a ninety degree day and start thinking about what you need to do to get or stay hydrated.

Training Recap:

Saturday - I ran a 12 mile long run.  First four miles were fast (9:30); next four miles were slower (9:50); and then I pushed the last four up to marathon pace (8:50).
Sunday - Rest day.
Monday - Five mile recovery run (9:45).
Tuesday - Track Workout: 1x800 warm up, drills, 4x200 (:49 - 100 recovery), 4x300 (1:12 - 200 recovery), 4x400 (1:39 - 300 recovery), 1x1200 cool down.
Wednesday - Bridge repeats (ran to the top of the Cooper River Bridge and ran repeats between the spans - 8:40 average)
Thursday - I was supposed to run a seven mile tempo run, but I felt like crap and made it a rest day...

As always, please remember that I am not a certified trainer, doctor, nurse, expert or anybody else qualified to tell you what to do...


  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    Nice running today going on here... Especially in this kind of heat. We finally have a cooler day today... In the lower 90s and breezy! ;-)

    We were "Do Not Resuscitate". Which team did you run with? Are you guys planning on doing the Blue Ridge Relay?

  2. Hey Kathrin. The weather was great this morning. We were team IHNBTDTR200MTW (I had nothing better to do than run 200 miles this weekend). Most of us are training for a marathon in the fall so we decided to wait and run the Palmetto 200 again next year. Good luck! It looks like a fun race.

  3. That was a great training, good training recap, good luck!!!

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