The Race for the Cure Challenge...

What luck, my boss sent out a challenge to our office that involves running!

She has formed a team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k on October 16th.  

Her challenge?  Beat her time and raise $25 and I will get a day off from work!  I of course registered for the race right away and then hit REPLY ALL to answer her email, "I accept your challenge.  FYI - I will be taking my day off in November!".

I was feeling pretty cocky until I noticed the date of the race.  Yep, that's the same date as my longest run prior to my marathon (22 miles) - crap!!!  

So... I looked up her 5k times on and saw that I was still in good shape.  My plan is to run twenty miles starting at 4:00am and then do the 5k afterwards.  It starts at 9:15am and I will run it at marathon pace.  I'm getting that day off!

Now on to the weekly recap (from

Sunday - Rest

Monday - Nice 8 mile recovery run out to Sullivan's Island. Cool weather makes all the difference (avg pace 9:06).

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Track Workout - Yasso 800's - 1x800 warm up, 7x800 (3:47 - 3:52 with recovery jog), 1x400 (1:49), 1x800 cool down.

Thursday - 10 Mile Tempo / Bridge Run - Great run over the Cooper River Bridge. I started at my office and went to the end of the Mount Pleasant Pier and back. A little warm this afternoon, but the wind felt great on the bridge (avg pace 8:56).

Friday -  Easy 4 mile afternoon run down Lockwood Blvd (avg pace 9:02).

Saturday - Long run in the morning over the Cooper River Bridge (avg pace 9:30).

Total for the week = 37 miles


  1. You sir, are a masochist. Well played as to the challenge, but I think I might move my long run day to another day. I don't think anyone will bust your chops for doing your long run on Friday or Sunday. Just my 2 cents. Keep the faith!

  2. I hear you man. I was going to run my last six miles at marathon pace anyway, so this will just be part of it :)


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