Motivation to Run

So I'm sitting in my car in an empty parking lot before the Sun comes up...

That part is pretty typical of my Saturday mornings, but today was cold and rainy and I was running four miles before the group ran twelve so I could do sixteen miles for the day.

If you have ever read my blog, you know I am all about running in the rain and I said this Summer that I was not going to complain about the cold any more.


It was cold and rainy (and dark and no one was there)...

So I sat there looking at my watch, knowing that I had to get going soon if I wanted to finish my sixteen mile run at a decent hour ("decent hour" - I really have changed the definition of so many words since I started running).

It seems easier with group runs and track workouts.  I know other people are waiting for me and they know I am waiting for them, so you have to show up (and run).

But I had to get out of bed first and then I had to get dressed and then I had to walk out the door and then I had to start my car and then I had to drive to the parking lot (that sure was a lot of "ands")...

So what else is there that motivates one to run on a cold, rainy, Saturday morning?

The adventure!

Its the adventure of waking up before anyone else, its the adventure of putting on cool looking running clothes, its the adventure of taking that first step out the door, its the adventure of pulling into an empty parking lot on a cold and rainy morning and knowing that you are about to do something most people think is insane!

Man, I am getting jazzed just writing this stuff!

Okay, so if thinking about this incredible adventure does not do the trick then what do you do when you are all alone and you are just not really motivated to get out and run? 

You do what any normal person would do in this situation.

You get on Facebook and tell the whole world (well at least anyone that looks at Facebook before the Sun comes up) that you are going for an awesome sixteen mile run in the cold and rain! 

It's not the only thing that gets me out the door, but it sure helps...


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