Reindeer Run 5k Recap - Peyton Brings Home the Hardware

We stood in the crowd waiting to hear the results.  Peyton was acting as if it really did not matter and that he was "cool" whether he got a trophy or not...

The Charleston Reindeer Run 5k is awesome.  This was the second year Peyton and I had run this race and it keeps getting better.  

Peyton seemed to relax as they announced the under six female and male winners.  He made small talk and stated that he did not know any of those runners...

The race starts on East Bay Street in Historic Downtown Charleston (this really is one of the most beautiful courses I have ever run).  The route turns up Broad Street and then loops around the Battery.  It ends with a straight away down Rainbow Row to the finish on East Bay Street.  

Now the announcer came back on and read off the names of the seven to eight year old female winners.  Again, Peyton seemed to relax and said he did not hear any of his friends names (he was listening for the name of a girl he saw at the race last year).  The winners ran up and had their pictures taken...

The morning had been cool, but beautiful.  The crowds of adults, kids and dogs dressed in costumes made for a thrilling race atmosphere.  The race was extremely well organized and really had a big race feel for such a short distance.  This race was as big for Peyton as a marathon is for me.

The announcer picked up the microphone again.  Peyton's shoulders tightened, but he said he was okay no matter what and that he was happy about "breaking his time" (he set a new PR of 34:30!).  The first seven to eight year old male was named and Peyton looked down, the second place male was named and Peyton muttered, "its okay...".  Then, with the pressure almost more than a little boy can bear,  the announcer said the words that my son was waiting for, "Third Place - PEYTON MOORE"!

He looked up at me and with eyes filled with pride and a smile bursting with excitement he hugged me!  We walked up to the stage as other runners made way for my little boy to get his much deserved trophy.  He stood there holding his trophy, had his picture taken and then ran back to me for another hug!


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