Core, Core, Core...

It seems that all my problems may be linked to this simple word...

I have been trying to figure out why my calves have cramped up at the end of each of my marathons.  I have increased my mileage, changed my nutrition and even added supplements (sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc...).  What I have not done is add more core strengthening workouts to my routine.

In fact, last year I took a break from my boot camp workouts so that I could increase my mileage.  It seems that this may have been counter productive according to everyone I have spoken to recently (blogs, discussion boards, friends, strangers on the street, this guy riding his bike who stopped to drink at the water fountain I was standing near - you get the picture..).

What I have learned from several sources is that the core is the most important part of the runner's body (I still think its the legs, but who am I to argue with experts or the guy at the water fountain).

Your core keeps you from getting all twisted and whacked out of shape when running, especially on long runs.  If your core is strong then it will give you more energy from your legs and keep you from tiring easily.

Runner Dude
One of my favorite blogs is RunnerDude.  He has written several times about the importance of a strong core and even made a video of some exercises.  Its a quick routine that I am incorporating into my weekly workouts.  I also added a P90X Core workout and I am back in boot camp twice a week.

So here is the video (yes, I asked Runner Dude if I could post it!).


Thanks Runner Dude (Thad)!  And thanks for making this stuff simple enough for me to understand it!

Oh, I almost forgot.  This is my 250th post!  Who would have thought it...


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