Cooper River Bridge 10K - Tips for the Race


  1. I signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run this year, and it will be my first (first 10k and first time on the bridge run). This blog is full of wonderful information that I've been searching for! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Julie! First for both is awesome - good luck on your race!

  2. i would love to find good info about parking my car. the last 2 years iv been parking at patriots point and riding bus to start. then riding boat back to car. this year the point was blocked off and told i couldnt part there. (did anyway). i had no other plan. it dont make any since you buy a boat ticket and cant use the lot? I want to do the right thing next year.Herd there where problems with buses and Colosseum. I cant ride a bus for long i get motion sickness..Where can i find this info.?

  3. Hey Tym,

    I think you should park in the Old Village somewhere behind Moultrie Middle School. That will put you near the starting line. That will put you about 1.5 miles from Patriots Point so if you want to take the boat back its not that long of a walk back to your car. The other thing you could do is park near Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant and walk to the starting line (half a mile) and then take the bus (marked Mount Pleasant Starting Line) back to Mustard Seed. The trick is to wait downtown long enough so the Cooper River Bridge is open and you don't have to ride the bis all the way around 526. It make for a much faster ride, but you will have to stay downtown until at least 11:00am.

    Last option is to park your car downtown the night before and have someone drive you to the starting line the morning of the race. That way your car is already waiting for you at the end.

    Hope this helps!


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