Rugged Maniac - Will it Take the Toenail Off?

Just a quick post about the Rugged Maniac.  One more day and I will be hitting my second obstacle race course in two weeks!  

My start time is 9:00am and although the race is a solo event I am part of Team TrySports Believe Achieve.

I will post a recap after the race and maybe even compare it to the Warrior Dash and the Bulldog Challenge.

My dog Beacon thinks its coming off.
But the most important thing is, will this be the race that finally takes my toenail off!

My big toe (nail) turned red and black right after the Monumental Marathon back in November.  It is now completely back and I just noticed that there is another toenail under it - sweet!

I thought about pulling it off, but I am betting the Rugged Maniac will do it for me.

Don't you just love a cliffhanger?


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