Run Abs Run!

First time back to Boot Camp after my vacation and I end up in the parking garage…
I spent last week on a road trip with my son and took a little break from running.  We did a ton of stuff, so it was kind of a break (but not much sitting around).  I even did a crappy treadmill run Monday morning (I really do hate running on treadmills).
So Monday morning I show up for Boot Camp knowing that I am going to feel every bit of it the next day.  We did an active warm up and then I heard those dreaded words, “We are going to the parking garage”! 
It may have just been me, but I am pretty sure I saw a little evil smile on the faces of the Marines…
We broke up into three ability groups and I ended up in the “fast” group (aka “Oh! You think you can run fast, so we are going to try to kill you!” group). 
Here is the workout for all of you masochist out there (the parking garage has eight floors):
Run up each ramp as a group (warm up) - alternate on each floor: side shuffle, backwards run, sprint.
        Lunges, Sumo Squats, Lunges
Steps (down)
        Run down the steps
        Each floor – sprint the length of the garage
Steps (up)
        Pyramid (start with hitting each step and then every other and then every third step)
        Abs (plank, crunches, dead cockroaches, side plank, etc…)
Repeat all (x4)
Run back to the gym and do more abs.
Your legs and abs will hate you in the end, but who cares!


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