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Did I even mention that I was taking the RRCA Running Coach Certification class?

The weekend before school started for my son (August), my family and I drove to Davidson (North Carolina) so that I could take a two day running course (is that not the best vacation you have ever heard of or what?).

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) class was full of great information and there were thirty one people in attendance who were incredibly talented and knowledgeable (these people were from all over the country).

The instructor, Janet Hamilton, who wrote the book "Running Strong and Injury Free" did an excellent job of keeping all of us interested (not bad when you consider that these are people who usually don't like to sit around).

I started thinking about taking this class last year.  I wanted to learn more about my own training as well as get a better idea about working with my family (my wife did say that if I could coach her I could coach anyone).

As the class got closer, I realized that I answer running questions from a lot of people (not complaining, just saying) and I should really have a better idea of what I was talking about.  I truly get more out of seeing someone else start a running program than I get out of my own running (that's saying a lot, because I love to run).

Not going to go into the whole class, but it was really good and I learned a ton of stuff.

I also had to take a test to be a Certified Coach (fun!).

The great thing about the test was that it was take home and I had to research some of the questions to get the best answer (research = reading, talking to other class members, talking to Coach Greg and looking back at my own training).

Me - not bragging...
We were given 30 days to take the test and pass with an eighty percent or better (only one shot at passing).

Not bragging, but I got an A :)


Now what?


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