Running in Louisville

Last week I attended a conference in Louisville, KY.  The conference was great, but the running was even better!

I'm from Kentucky, but I had not been in Louisville in over 20 years (WAY back in high school and I was not a runner).  I was not going to miss this opportunity to explore "My Old Kentucky Home"...

The city is great and really runner friendly.  There was an Ironman there just last month (I actually know three people who just competed in it).  I ran part of the course and even ran by the finish line (did I mention I'm thinking about doing an Ironman???).

Each morning I woke up and ran around the city, down the Ohio River and across the 2nd Street Bridge to Indiana (it's so cool to get to run to another state!).

On the last day I was there, I was running down a trail along the Ohio River (on the Kentucky side) and saw the coolest thing.  On one side of me was an amazing sunrise and on the other was a full moon!  I stopped in the middle of my run and just stood there looking across the river and taking it all in.

We are truly lucky to be able to experience these amazing events...


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