Awesome Start to a New Year

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to run 12 miles on New Year’s Day. There were no races in my area so I figured I would just get up that morning and run.

I ended up sending out an invitation to run on Facebook (because telling a bunch of people you are going to do something is the best way to ensure you do it!).

I figured a couple of people might show up and if not I would just run the 12 miles on my own.

To my surprise, people started to reply to the invitation!

I showed up Sunday morning to find fifteen people waiting to run. How crazy is that?!

I knew two or three of the people that showed up, but the rest were complete strangers to me. It was so cool to not only start off the year with a run, but to do it with a bunch of people I had never met. There was even a boy my son’s age riding his bike with us!

We ran one of my favorite routes from Alhambra Hall to Sullivan’s Island over Breach Inlet to Isle of Palms and then back to the start. 

One of the runners (Lisa) had even gone to the 
turnaround spot earlier and set up a table with 
water bottles – so cool…

After the run I asked some random guy to take our picture (because that's what you do when you meet a bunch of people you don't know and go for a group run). A few runners had taken a detour so they were not in the picture, but the picture turned out great.

I thanked everyone for coming out (they all thanked me for organizing it). To be honest with you, there was not much to organize. I just asked people to come join me for a run and they did. I am so going to do this again!

Later that day, my son and I went back out to Sullivan’s Island and participated in the Polar Bear Plunge. Don’t freak out. It was like 70 degrees!

It was still cool to see all the people in their costumes acting crazy and jumping into the ocean. We had a blast in the water and then hung out on the streets (blocked off) and ate lunch with one of my running partners (CSR), her son (who is the same age as my boy), and another bunch of strangers.

What an awesome way to start off a new year…


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