Why I Smile So Much

Cooper River Bridge
Sometimes I need a little motivation and a reminder of why I smile so much...

Like when my alarm clock goes off early in the morning and I just want to go back to sleep.

Lucky for me, I got up this morning and I went for a run.

Not only did I get to run over the Cooper River Bridge and see an amazing sunrise this morning, I was experienced one of my favorite things.

As my running partners and I made it to the end of our run I saw a runner who had started with some of my other friends.  She had a glow about her and was smiling.  I asked her how her run went and she said (joyfully) that she had run to the other side and back for the first time!

She was so excited and so were we!  It was so cool getting to be there to experience that joy with her and it just made my day.

Charleston Runs
Last night, as I was leaving work I saw three of my co workers getting ready to go for a run.  All three of them are new to running (two of them were in my last Couch to 5K group along with four other people from my office).

As I walked passed them I wished them a good run and could not stop smiling.  I still can not believe that there are now so many people running in my office!

Later, when I got home, one of those co workers called me.  She was so excited because she had just run her longest distance without stopping!  I could hear her joy and again I could not stop smiling...

Today, I stumbled upon an interview I had done with Endurance Planet about my son completing his first "Kids" Marathon.  Even though the interview was about my son, it reminded me why I share my adventures with everyone.  It reminded me why I write this crazy blog and why I wish everyone could feel this joy that motivates me so much.

It reminded me why I smile so much.

Smiling with my wife during one of her longest runs

Check out the podcast at http://www.enduranceplanet.com/three-beautiful-words-i-did-it

Peyton after completing his Kids Marathon

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  1. It's quite a buzz when you realize what your body and mind are capable of. Going from non-runner to runner to I-can't-stop-my-legs-from-going-forward runner has been a thrill for me, and seeing other people feeling that transition as well makes me excited all over again.


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