Army Pics from the Past

Me and my buddy Robert - he hated to run more than me!
This being Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would share a couple of my old Army pics.

A few years ago, well - way more than a few, I was in the Army.  

I was in pretty good shape (other than the mustache I was trying to grow) and even exercised regularly.  Although, I remember hating every time we were forced to run!
I loved being in the Army and had some of the best friends a guy could ever have.  

I do remember dreading the physical fitness test more than anything else.  

The APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) consisted of doing as many push ups and sit ups in two minutes as you could do and a two mile timed run.  

I mean, who in the world runs two miles (in the same day)???!!!
This was when Humvee's were new!

So I just checked and for 17-21 year old males you only have to run two miles in 13 minutes to get a perfect 100 score!  

I am not joking, I used to think that was some unattainable time that only professional athletes could run...  

Oh how I wish I knew then what I know today...

I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend. 

To all my friends I served with who gave the ultimate sacrifice, I salute you and will always remember you.

Me and some of my buddies at Fort Knox, KY

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  1. Thanks for your service :). Sorry you dreaded the test so much, but I would dread it too for the sit ups and push ups, ick!

    Now the running part, that would be pretty fun... =).


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