Marathon Group Training

Reading my blog will only get you so far (when I say far, I mean not very)...

Although, I like to share some of my training practices and I think I am a pretty good coach, my blog is really about what I think and what I do.

I have two coaching sites that I really like and suggest to anyone looking for real advice: RunnerDude and CharlestonRuns.  

Runner Dude
Recently, I saw a post from Runner Dude that is perfect for this time of year, "Nine Reasons a Marathon Training Group is Good For You".  Thad (Runner Dude) is also a contributor to so some of the article is on their site as well.

Runner Dude gives some really good reasons for training with a group (motivation from others, makes you faster and safety).  Most people who do train with a group end up having a great experience not only with their race, but with their training.

Some of my closest friends have come out of the groups I have trained with (I know that was not grammatically correct, but "groups with which I have trained" just sounded stupid).


The other site I like is CharlestonRuns.  My disclaimer is that I coach with CharlestonRuns and some of the articles are written by me (the really funny ones), but a lot of the training and advice is from Coach Greg.

Greg is my running coach and he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running (he also knows a bunch of useless stuff, but that's for another post all together).

He coaches a Marathon / Half Marathon group for both Fall and Winter Marathons that goes through the hottest months of Summer (another good reason to train with a group is that long, hot, runs by yourself suck).

So check out these sites and let me know what you think.

Do you have sites that you go to for information? What do you think about group training?


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