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After Our 20 Miler
Twelve more days until the "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" 12 Hour Race!

I'm starting to feel better about my training mileage now.  I have been running 60+ miles per week and getting in some 30+ mile weekends.

Last weekend (Friday - Sunday) I ran 12, 10, 20.

Thanks to my awesome running partner CSR meeting me at 5:00am on Sunday, I was able to get in a 20+ mile long run!

This weekend I am running another back to back to back run (actually there should be one more "back" in there, but who's counting?).

Here's the plan: 

  • 6 miles this afternoon (I need to get in some hot and humid 90+ degree running before July 4th - it's going to be HOT)
  • 13.1 miles tonight at midnight (a group is running a half marathon on Folly Beach - yes for fun)
  • 10 miles Saturday at 6:00am (CharlestonRuns with Coach Greg - can't miss that)
  • 11+ miles Sunday (to finish off my last weekend of hard running before my taper)

So if all goes well, I should get in 40+ miles in the next three days.  The key here is going to be recovery after each run (getting in the right amounts of carbs and protein).  I am also testing the last few fuel items I want for the race.

Not that I am some super runner or anything, but I was asked the other day how do I get out and run this much (not how I run this much, but how do I get myself to run this much - my wife the English major will be so happy that I made that distinction).

Its such a hard question to answer.  I mean, I do need motivation sometimes but most of the time I just want to run (and I want to run far!).

Picture from Runners World July 2012
I actually read a really good article in Runners World last night in the Newbie Chronicles (my favorite part of the magazine) "Why Run? If lacing up is fun for you, you don't need a reason. The rest of us do.".  This writer cracks me up and reminds me of those first few years when I started running.  My definition of fun has definitely changed and the things that motivate me have evolved.

Last week I really needed some motivation (if you sent me an email or left a comment - thanks!; if not - what's up with that?).

I ended up looking at some old pictures to see just how far I had come.  I also needed to look back at some of the adventures I have had in the last five years to remind myself of the payoff for all this hard work.

Friday night while I was running over the Cooper River Bridge, I kept thinking to myself "how lucky am I to be able to do this!"  You just look around and see all these amazing sites and feel this incredible energy in and around your body.

I don't know, that's how I feel anyway...

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  1. I've not trained for (or participated in) anything longer than a half, but I understand feeling lucky you've able to run and that motivating you. When I'm running a longer distance race and get to think (in a 5K, it's an all-out guts battle, so I mean distances longer than a 5K), I like to think about my grandma, my aunt, all the women in my family and how strong they were and how women didn't really run when they were young but I think they would've, knowing their personalities. Things like that motivate me, guess it's just because I'm a girl though.

    Way to go on the mileage lately! Recovery *has* to be key with that though, along with a good taper because I can't imagine running 12 hours. Have fun doing the half for fun tonight too- you definitely are lucky to be able to do that and have so many good friends who will get up and run with you at 5 AM or overnight!


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