Surging for Fun

Even with all the rain, I have done some pretty cool workouts this week.

Monday I was at the track for a pyramid workout: 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800.  The tough part of this workout is that you speed up as you increase distance (marathon pace, half marathon pace, 10k pace).  Hitting all my splits was a nice confidence booster!

Market Street after the crazy rain!
Tuesday was an insane Insanity workout.  Lots of jumping.  I was actually sore after this one.

Wednesday I met my running group for a five miler and we added intervals to the run.  After a mile warm up we did surges of 1:30, 1:00, 1:00, and 30 seconds with less than 1 minute recovery between each interval.  We recovered for a mile and then did it again on the way back.  Everyone was really pushing the pace (a little under 5k) and it felt good!

Today I went out for an afternoon run (I tried to go out Tuesday, but as much as I like to run in the rain the weather was kind of ridiculous).  I decided to throw in some surges in the middle of my run.  After warming up I did ten 30-45 second surges with about 2-3 minutes of recovery in between.  It really made the run feel different and a little bit more fun than my usual hot afternoon run.

I'm ending my week with a sweet ten mile group trail run Saturday morning!

Hope you had a great week of training and I hope you get a chance to have some fun this weekend!


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