Isle of Palms Connector Run

Love, love, love this race!

My long runs take me over Isle of Palms and the IOP Connector about every other week.  

Every single time my group runs over the connector we all stop talking for a few minutes and just take in the beauty of our surroundings.

There mornings when the moon is setting on one side and the sun is rising on the other.  The clouds in the distance seem to explode with color. 

How lucky our we to be able to run in such a beautiful place...

In about two weeks (October 6th) the Isle of Palms Connector Run for the Child 5k/10k will be held.  It's a well organized and supported race.  

This year the race will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and will have a beer garden and live band (PlaneJane) at the post race party!

CharlestonRuns training group is running this race as part of our marathon / half marathon training (is our coach cool or what?).  

We all consider this "our running route" so this should be a nice race for all of us.  Not to mention a nice break from the double digit runs and a chance to run fast!

Hope to see all of you there!

Check out for more information on the race and registration details.

Just saw this on their site:

"Back in popular demand...
Here is $5 bucks OFF your online registration. 
Use promo code '5bucks'"

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  1. Man, I really need to make a trip to South Carolina. I have long dreamed of going there just for the golf. You are lucky!

  2. Chris it is well worth the trip. The IOP race and the Cooper River Bridge race our two of the best races around. We even have some trail running around here!

  3. Wow! The photos are amazing. I wish that Isle of Palms Connector Run will be held annually. Isle of Palms is indeed a lovely place.

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