Marathon Maniac!

How funny is the cat in this logo?!
I guess its official now, I'm a Marathon Maniac!

Apparently there is a whole bunch of people that have become addicted to not only distance running, but crazy distance running. In fact, there is a running club just for us. Its called Marathon Maniacs.

Sounds about right...

I've seen these runners at all the marathons I have completed. They wear the yellow and red Marathon Maniac shirts and even hats. But mostly, they have a strange, well, crazy look about them :)

So as I was running the Charleston Marathon two weeks ago, I happened to be pacing someone (Crystal) who was going to apply for the "running group" at the completion of the race. She had met the "qualifications" for the "bronze" level.

"If you could see me right now, I would be using my hands to make quotations."

It just happened that I had run two of the three races she had run and one more that made me eligible too!

I know! You're thinking, no freaking way!

I checked out their web site and found out that I did indeed qualify. So I sent in my info and BAM, there was my congratulations email reply!

Oh! And I even got an official Marathon Maniac number (6583)!!!

I may even get a tattoo! Shhhh, don't tell my wife...

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