Count Down to the Grand Canyon R2R2R (and just a little freaked out)

Hard to believe that it's down to five days until I run the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim.

I'm usually pretty cool and in control about stuff like this. I tend to think of this stuff in terms of tasks and
goals and break it down as completed and accomplished, but I have never really done anything that rates as "stuff" like this before.

So for the past two weeks I have been a little on edge (okay, my wife would not use the word "little").

Let's review just a few of my better moments of the last few weeks:

- I have gone to every backpacker and running store in three counties (just to see if I needed anything).

- I stayed up all night thinking about whether I should wear a jacket or arm warmers for the start of the run.

- I have checked the weather forecast everyday (okay, more than once a day) for several weeks.

- Oh, I yelled at the Garmin tech guy last week when my watch quit working (again) and I had to ship it to them (again) and he wanted to put a $300 hold on my credit card to send me a replacement (again) - I may not be over that one yet.

- Then, this weekend, I freaked out on my wife about a cheap computer desk she wanted to get rid of (she started thinking that I might have stock in Wal-Mart I had not told her about)...

Beacon is not freaking out, he is still in planning mode.
Funny how a "little" 45 mile run with a few thousand feet of elevation change can throw you off.

I have finally started to relax and go into pre race mode.

I actually like this part of training and once I get over the whole phantom aches and pains of tapering I will be set.

There really is nothing left to do other than pack.  Oh crap, I still have to pack!

Oh well...

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  1. Take a word of encouragement from one that you have done nothing but consistently encourage along my own path to better running. You have the ability, you've done the training, you've gone through the requisite worry to ensure that you haven't forgotten something important. You CAN and WILL totally do this with little to no incident. You've got this, just go and have fun. Remember you won't be alone on the trail and you have a huge support group tracking your every movement by way of spy satellite.

  2. I love what Rich said! We all really support you and you inspire us no matter what happens at this race. It is just a race and a run, and you are more than just a runner to us, you're an awesome person. It sounds like you've done all you can to prep and really, that is all you can do.

    No need to worry about things you cannot control or sweat the small details, all races (even after you've done 30+ races like me) are learning experiences and no matter what, you know you'll come away a better person after the experience.

    Can't wait to read how things go! Was fun hanging out with everyone Friday night too!


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