I Made it and I'm Still Alive!

Just a quick post to tell all you non Facebook peeps that read my blog that I finished the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim and I'm still alive!

I will write a full recap of the run in the next few days.

Big thanks to everyone who sent me emails, text messages, left FB comments and sent smoke signals to me while I was on this crazy adventure.

This was something I would have never though possible just a few short years ago.  I want to share something my wife wrote while I was heading out Saturday morning.  I love how she get me...

"Shortly my husband will embark on one of his biggest adventures yet. He will run what is called the R2R2R, (I just call it stupid). He will run down the Grand Canyon up the GC, down the GC and up the GC. Unsupported. Meaning there will not be smiling cheering volunteers every mile to give out water, gels or Vaseline. No bands playing to put that extra pep in your step. Five years ago he never imagined this would be possible and six years ago it was not. His transformation from overweight couch potato to ultra-runner is inspirational. His dedication to living healthy and working hard to accomplish goals has, most importantly, been an incredible example for our son. I am in awe, so very very proud and am grateful for every day that he is with us. You're a beast Noah Moore"

Yes, it was hard.  Yes, I questioned my sanity at times, Yes, I questioned my ability a lot.

Yes, it was an amazing adventure!

So once again I ask, "How lucky am I that I took that first (hard, painful, sweaty, slow, awkward) step?".

Much more to come later...

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