RIBZ Front Pack Review

Sometimes when I'm doing a product review I think "How dumb is this thing?" other times I think, "How dumb am I that I didn't have this thing when I really needed it!"

Wearing the RIBZ Front Pack with my hydration pack
This is one of those things I could have really used.

Recently, I was sent a RIBZ Front Pack to review. Unfortunately, it was after my run across the Grand Canyon.

Oh well...

The first thing I wondered was if it was going to be like a fanny pack or something cheesy. The next thing I wondered was if it would be too bulky or too loose to use on a run.

Well, its not cheesy and it really worked well on my long run.

I was sent the green (alpine) version of the RIBZ Front Pack, but their is a black (stealth) and a camo (no cool nickname) version as well.

The Front Pack is basically that, a pack carried on your front (as opposed to a backpack, which is a pack on your back...you see where I'm going with this right?).

The Front Pack has a harness system that, once on, is really easy to adjust and is very comfortable. The whole thing weighs about eleven ounces and comes in regular and small sizes. It has two large pockets with an outside pocket on each.

Really cool zipper
Those outside pockets have plenty of room for gels and bars. Plus, its really nice to be able to get to them without stopping or having to reach around your hydration pack. They also have zippers that are super easy to use with gloves.

The two large pockets have plenty of room for everything else (don't go crazy, you still have to run with it).

There are two mesh pockets inside to separate things for you OCD peeps too.

I actually watched a video review by some guy that showed how he could carry his Glock handgun inside one of the mesh pockets (not sure I would need that on a run, but you never know).

I never use any type of pack on a short run, so I thought the best way to test it would be to use it with my hydration pack on a long run.

Mesh pockets inside
I packed some gels and bars in the front pockets and then packed my cellphone, gloves, hat, small first aid kit, some electrolytes and a Mylar blanket in the large pockets (I still had plenty of room for a longer trip or run).

I really liked the lightweight, breathable, material used for the Front Pack. I never felt too hot or weighed down by the pack. I was able to tighten the straps enough so the pack did not move around as I ran and I was really happy that the Front Pack was a perfect fit with my hydration pack.

As I ran, I was able to get to everything I needed. The zipper tabs are a really nice touch as they made it easy to open and close all the pockets. Again, this would have been so helpful on my Grand Canyon run.
It even comes with a cool carrying case!

The only thing I found missing was a waterproof pocket for my cellphone. I ended up putting my cellphone in a zip lock baggy and it worked fine.

When I finished my run I loved that I could take the pack off by simply unzipping the large zipper in front and the whole thing just slipped off.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the RIBZ Front Pack. One thing I worry about on a long (unsupported) trial run is carrying enough supplies along with my water and this really makes it easy to do both.

I will definitely use it for some long trail runs in the future.

Oh, and I love that I get to put something official like this too!

In an effort to comply with FTC Endorsement Guidelines 16 C.F.R. Part 255: Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Front Pack for free from RIBZ as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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