Miles Johnson Moore

I have had such a hard time writing my blog these past two years. 
My son, Peyton, loved reading the crazy stuff I wrote and loved that "our" blog was read by so many people. After Peyton died I just lost the ability (or maybe desire) to write what I was doing on a daily basis. One of my last posts was titled "my son, my motivation" and was a group of pictures of Peyton. I would have never thought that I would lose him just a few weeks later...
I have continued to run and coach these past two years and MooreOnRunners seem to be everywhere. I really don't know what Jen and I would have done without the support of these runners and the whole running community. They really have held us up at every turn.
So about nine months ago (you might know where this is going) something pretty incredible happened. I found out that my wife was pregnant and two weeks ago our baby boy was born! 
I shared the news on Facebook (so this might be old news to you), but I felt like posting it here too (its my blog). I took a little liberty with a poem by Robert Frost that is used by so many runners (I hope he's cool with that). Anyway, you never know, maybe I will start writing more "stuff" again...
This crazy universe is not quite done with us; 
a little Moore has been added to our lives to share in all our adventures. 
We have things to see and promises to keep and Miles to go before we sleep...
Miles Johnson Moore
October 7, 2015
7 lbs
19 1/2 inches

This was Peyton's school...


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