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CRC June Member Profile-Noah Moore and the MooreOns
Noah Moore on how it all began.........

Moore On Running started with me writing a blog ( about my training and weight loss back in 2007. I lost about 100 pounds, started running ultras and along the way I became a certified running coach and started my own Couch to 5K group. 

 The first time we ever used the name MooreOnRunners was when Jennifer and I ran a doughnut run with Peyton and made our own shirts. From then on we were the MooreOnRunners and everyone who trained with us or ran with us just became part of our running family (and MooreOns).


One day I was talking to my son Peyton and he thought it would be cool to have a group after the C25K group. He came up with the name "5K and Beyond". 

These MooreOnRunners train for an all night MooreOnRelay around Charleston County and a MooreOnRoadTrip each year. Last year they ran 5 trails in 4 states in 24 hours. It was an awesome adventure that ended with us finding out that Jennifer and I were having a boy (Jennifer screamed it out in the bathroom in the Smoky Mountains between TN and NC).

When I start a new MooreOnRunning 5K and Beyond group I have very specific rules that I send out:
"This is the most special group I coach. My son came up with this idea and I have done everything I can to keep it just the way he would have wanted it. I don't advertise this group. I don't even put it up on or my web site. This is truly a MooreOn group and you have to be willing to be part of my craziness and not worry about where you finish in a run or a race. You have to leave your fears at home and you have to want to be part of something so crazy people will call you a MooreOn!"

 I am coaching a group of thirty 5KB runners now and they are training for an all night multi state multi trail run in August. After that I will start a Couch to 5K group for the Fall (with some real estate sales in there as well).

- Love my running community - Noah


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