Long Run - 7 Miles - 5-16-09

Today's run was a seven mile run that we started at 6:00am. There were four of us running today and we all stayed together for the first six miles. The route was nice. We went down Pitt and then up Center (the Old Village is great to run). We crossed over and went up Rifle Range and then down by Whitesides. We ended up back on Coleman and did a loop at the end. The temperature was not too hot and we even got some rain at the end of the run.

It was nice to have Greg out with water, but it was even better when the Mount Pleasant Police pulled him over for "casing" the neighborhood!

The first six miles we ran at a slow pace (10:00 - 10:30) - I felt a little stiff at first, but after the first mile I felt fine. The last mile was really nice. I was able to stretch out my legs (8:00 pace). As usuall, I was sweating up a storm. Having the rain for the last mile was great. Real runners run in the rain!


  1. Nice blog. I'm Julie Maguire's husband. I'm kinda following in your footsteps. Gained more weight than I liked, and I decided to do something about it last year. Now I'm trying to work up to my first marathon.

  2. I'm innocent I tell 'ya! I was framed.


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