Track Workout 5-8-09

Today I did a track workout. 8 x 200 1:57 (200 rest) 8 x 400 2:57 (200 rest). I really like this type of workout. The short 200's and 400's help me get a good feel for my pace and I am not always looking down at my watch. I felt pretty good at the end. I was not completely wiped out, but I was counting down the last four 400's. I maintained my pace for the most part, but I was 3-5 seconds fast on all of the 400's. I like the 200 rest better than just stopping for a set amount of time. Plus this gave me some time to talk with the other runner (normally it is just me and I don't get to talk to anyone). I had been up late and not slept well the night before, but I was hydrated and knowing that someone was waiting on me to get to the track motivated me to get out of bed.


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