Boot Camp - 6-1-09

First day back to Boot Camp - the beginning of our four week Summer session. We had a lot of new people in the group today (looked like over 130).

We started a little late due to a lot of instructions at the beginning, but it picked up fast. We worked out inside the gym for about 15 minutes (stretching and group exercises). We then went to the roof and ran on our own. It was hot and humid - I ran two miles (7:50). My legs felt good. I was trying to concentrate on my form for most of the run. Not sure why I can run faster at Boot Camp than at a race...

After the run we hit the tennis courts and got in a box formation. The workout was non stop and I noticed a few people dropping out. I can not remember ever seeing so many people just sitting down next to the fence during a workout. I went over to a group of four girls and got them to stand up and just walk in place. One of them looked like she was going to puke at any moment.

We may have a smaller group on Tuesday...


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