Boot Camp - 6-2-09

We are back to the full hour of Boot Camp. We started out fast and kept it up for the whole hour.

Today we broke up into four groups (not by ability) after our warm up. I was in the first group that did the stairs. Up and down four fights of stairs for 15 minuets. I hate doing stairs, but I know it is a great exercise. The group was really pushing it and we even had some people singing the Rocky theme for a while.

We went up to the roof track after that and ran on our own for about 10 minutes. I did one and a half miles (7:30 pace). The run actually felt great after being on those stairs for so long.

After our run we went back to the gym. We did an upper body workout for 10 minutes and then moved over to do a lower body workout for 10 minutes.

We finished up with a lot of jumping jacks to celebrate birthdays. This is when you hope people will lie about their age...

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