Mid Week Run - 6-4-09

I ran six miles today through the Old Village. It had rained most of the afternoon, so it was a little humid. I was trying to stay on pace today (9:27). I did fairly well, although I was a little fast on a couple of miles. I went down to the old Pitt Street Bridge and back. That is such a nice run. It never gets old.

Mile one (9:12)

Mile two (9:03)

Mile three (9:13)

Mile four (9:23)

Mile five (9:21)

Mile six (9:13)

I think my pace was good considering the route. There is a small decline on the way to the water which is the midway point. My legs are still feeling tight from boot camp and I have been fighting a bug or sinus infection (not sure which). I also dropped about three pounds on this run so I had to do some serious hydrating when I got back.

I have been consistently dropping about a pound a week for the last few weeks. I think this is because I have been increasing my weekly mileage. I can stand to lose a few more pounds so I am not too worried about it, although when we get closer to the marathon I do not plan on weighing myself everyday like I did last time. I was so concerned about my weight that I failed to eat and drink enough the last two weeks before the Myrtle Beach Marathon and boy did I pay for that mistake...


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