Track Workout - 6-26-09

Its Friday and that means Track Workout!

There were only two of us working out this morning. We did the following workout:

1 mile warm up

2 x 2000 (3 min rest)

1 mile cool down

I did a slow one mile warm up and then started my first 2000 meeter run (five laps). I was shooting for a 9:21 finish time (I think that is close to a 7:40 mile). I did it in 9:25. The hard part about doing a 2000 is keeping up the pace. The goal is to work on your 5k pace and stay loose while running at that pace. I tend to tighten up when I hear that I am slowing down. I am working on relaxing my stride to see if that helps me keep up the pace.

On the second 2000 I slowed down a little and finished in 9:41. I was really fatigued. I felt myself slowing down and thought I was going to me by off by more than twenty seconds.

I finished the workout with a one mile cool down.

Its funny that I can run for hours and never question if I can finish or not, but on these short runs I tend to doubt my ability to complete the last few laps. What's up with that? I have started telling myself to "just run" when I feel this way and it seems to help.


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