Long Run - 10 Miles - 6-27-09

Trying to beat the heat, our running group met at 5:00am this morning. There were only four of us.

So this is the beginning of the truly crazy stuff that we do when we are training for a marathon.

We ran a route that took us around a big section of Mount Pleasant. We started in the Old Village and went down Coleman (close to the Cooper River Bridge) and past ION. We ran over HWY 17 twice and down Rifle Range Road. We came back through the Old Village and ended at St. Andrews.

We were running slow to get ten miles in and to work on running for long periods of time. I ran with a water bottle today and needed more. In fact, we had to run into a gas station and fill our water bottles up at mile eight.

Mile one we ran with the group and warmed up (12:58). Cathy and I started to speed up for the next mile (11:12). We picked up the pace for the next few miles after we went over Hwy 17 (10:39, 10:24, 10:31, 10:55, 10:51). We were slowing down on mile seven as we both ran out of water (11:07). After we stopped at a gas station and filled up our water bottles we both felt like speeding up (10:40) and finishing with a surge (10:01).

It felt good to get the ten miles in and my legs felt great after the run. I still think it is crazy to get up at 4:00am to go running, but the feeling of finishing a long run is incredible!


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