Boot Camp - 7-14-09

Day two of the return of the Marines...

If yesterday's mission was to make my arms fall off, today's was to make my legs collapse.

We started with group stretches on the roof and apparently we were not loud enough nor could we count very well, so we ended up doing a lot of push ups during the stretches. We finished with some group exercises and then split up into four ability groups.

My group was led by a new Marine instructor. I did not get his name, but I am sure it was something mean sounding.
Our group started with an Indian run on the roof. This was at a fast pace and we did about two miles. At one point we stopped the Indian run and just ran at a fast pace. "New Marine Instructor" was very motivating and was not letting up.

We finished the run and went to the middle of the roof for an arms and abdominal workout. The instructor was using different terms for our exercises and we were messing them up. This made him even more "motivating". We also did group lunges -my group completely screwed up the count and the pace. I think the group wanted to see just how mad we could make the new guy...

Next, we went to the stairwell and started running up and down the stairs. Every time we thought we were finished we would hear "New Marine Instructor" yell at us to start again!

After what felt like a life time we went back to the middle of the roof and finished with more abdominal exercises. I was a complete mess at the end of the workout.

As I walked to my car I found myself thinking "that was a great workout" - sick!


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