Boot Camp - 7-20-09

Besides almost being robbed this morning, Boot Camp was great.

I usually try to keep this blog about my workouts, but this happened right before Boot Camp so it counts.

I decided to fill up my car this morning before getting to the gym. My mistake was picking a gas station that is near the area where half the murders in Charleston have occurred. Well, also deciding to get gas at 5:45am when the lights in the station were not even on.

I pulled up and got out to start pumping gas (there I am holding my wallet for everyone to see).
From out of nowhere, this guy comes up next to me and my car. He asked me to buy him a coke. My first reaction was to say "Damn! You can't just walk up on people like that!". He then asked if I was mad at him and kept reaching for his pockets and grabbing his shirt. The only thing I could think of was to hit the cancel button on the credit card reader. It beeped a couple of times and I said "Well, my card just got declined. I can't even buy gas!". At this point I started walking towards him and he backed up a few steps and I got into my car. The whole time this was going on he was talking about his aunt and mother and how he needed money. I could tell he was working himself up. Anyway, after i got in my car I locked the doors, started it up and took off. The guy was so close to my window I almost hit him.

So why is this part of my workout blog? Because my heart rate was up about 300% right before I started Boot Camp!

At least I was not dragging the first part of the workout. We started with stretches and then did group exercises. We had a new Marine leading us today and I thought he was really good (motivating). We broke into two groups. My group went to the roof and started running. Each time the whistle would blow we had to stop and do exercises (squats, electric chair and bends and thrusts). At one point we were all on one wall doing the electric chair while doing arm circles.

We then went down to the gym and paired up. We had to do sets of squats, push ups and flutter kicks. This was done for seven minutes. The other person counted the sets and ran in place and then we would switch. This is all about putting out as much effort as possible for seven minutes (harder than you might think). Finally, we ended with a bunch of group exercises.

Although my morning events helped me get going, I really do not recommend it for everyone...


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