Boot Camp - 7-21-09

Not a lot I can say about Boot Camp today except "Pain and Sweat"!

We started with a quick stretch and then right in to high knees and sprinting in place (with a ton of push ups and other grueling exercises thrown in).

We were split into two groups and my group stayed in the gym for a body bar workout.

After this workout we were told that this was the easy part and we were sent upstairs to the roof.

We lined up in two long lines facing each other. One group would do exercises and the other group would sprint to the wall and back. Sometimes we would have to sprint again if everyone was not moving fast enough.

After what seemed like forever, we went back to the gym and started all over. We ended up going over a few minutes just so we could get in ten more diamond push ups.

This was by far one of the hardest workouts we have done this summer...


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