Boot Camp - 7-23-09

Boot Camp has been over for hours now and I am still sweating! We had an incredible workout this morning.

We started with the normal group stretches and group exercises (with squad push ups thrown in as well).

We broke into ten groups (not by ability). We ran to the roof and there were ten stations. We had to do all the exercises as a group at each station and then run one lap. We ran one lap as a group in cadence and sprinted the next time we did a lap.

Here are three examples of the stations:

10 flutter kicks
10 hello dollies
10 leg lifts

10 push ups
10 wide grip push ups
10 diamond push ups

20 bends and trusts
25 side straddle hops (jumping jacks).

After completing all the stations, we broke into two lines facing each other. Everyone did an exercise and then sprinted to the wall and back.

I was completely worn out after this workout.


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