Boot Camp - 7-6-09

Even with the Marines taking a break, Boot Camp is still going strong. We had a great workout this morning with about thirty people.

We started with a half mile warm up. After that we did a sprint/body bar exercise workout:

1 lap - 30 bench press

1 lap - 30 overhead press

1 lap - 30 curls

This was done at our own pace. The laps were done at sprint speed. I was able to do ten laps/exercises in the first twenty minutes.

We did a five minute cool down jog and then started a sprint/ab workout:

3/4 lap - 15 crunches

3/4 lap - 15 flutter kicks

3/4 lap - hello dolly's

This was also done at our own pace. The 3/4 laps were done at sprint speed. I did eleven laps/exercises in the last fifteen minutes.

I did a total of about three miles at fast pace and worked my upper body and abs. Can't ask for more than that!


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