Recovery Run - 7-6-09

After the Boot Camp session this morning I needed a recovery run...

I ran four miles out and back to the Ashley River Bridge from my office this afternoon. My legs felt like rubber. I think the run this weekend and Boot Camp really beat me up.

I was trying to run a slow recovery pace today (10:53), but I ran a little too fast (9:56, 10:19, 10:05, 10:13). It is really hard to get your body adjusted to running slow after you have been building up to run under 8:00 mile pace.

My running schedule for July has changed slightly.

Monday - four mile recovery run
Tuesday - five mile tempo run
Wednesdays - five mile group run
Thursday - six mile run
Friday - track workout
Saturday - long run (ten to twelve miles)
Sunday - rest

With Boot Camp that should keep me near forty miles per week. Seems like a lot until you start reading Runner World and see how many miles those crazy people are doing...


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